Write a standout RFP application

Though we can’t guarantee your city permit approval or success in an RFP (we wish we could!), there are three themes we recommend incorporating into a proposal to operate a micro-transit service: safety, sustainability and accessibility. This course covers each in detail.

  • Safety

    Vehicle features, data security, and community education.

  • Sustainability

    Emissions, active lifestyle and responsible supply chain.

  • Accessibility

    Distribution, pricing, labor strategy and transportation equity.

What you'll learn:

Just what is a GBFS and why do you need one for your scooter or bike share system? Learn how navigate the essentials of data reporting, write a winning RFP response, and promote safe riding behavior in your market.

    1. Standard Regulatory Requirements

    2. The role of MDS and GBFS in Micromobility

    3. TOMP-API

    4. How To Obtain an Operational Permit or Contract

    1. Part One: Safety

    2. Part Two: Sustainability

    3. Part Three: Accessibility

    1. Using Smart Software to Boost Safety

    2. How to Promote Safe Riding

    3. Demo Day! Engage and Educate Your Community

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  • 10 lessons
  • multimedia

Become a permits pro

With the right research and data backing your idea, you'll be on the fast track to launch a shared mobility service.

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