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You know you need vehicles, but what else does it take to operate a shared mobility service? We've bundled years of industry experience into a single course - designed to help prep your market launch for sustained profitability.

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    Downloadable worksheets to spark your creative thinking.

  • Multimedia Lessons

    Short lessons with engaging images and infographics.

  • Industry Experience

    In-field experience and learnings from supporting our operators.

What you'll learn:

    1. Getting Started in Micromobility

    2. Micromobility Startup Checklist (free PDF download)

    3. The Micromobility Landscape (industry resources)

    4. 3 Business Models for Shared Micromobility

    5. How to Join (or Start) an Electric Scooter Franchise

    6. Public vs Private: Which Sharing Model is Best for your Business?

    7. Micromobility Business Goals and Market Potential (free PDF worksheets)

    1. Micromobility Market Share: How to Find Your Customers (and Keep Them!)

    2. How To Price Your Scooter Share or Bike Rental Service

    3. Common Pain Points of Urban Transportation

    4. Short Term vs Long Term Uses Cases for Micromobility

    5. Micromobility Use Cases Worksheet

    6. Micromobility Branding Exercise Worksheet

    1. The Rideshare Guy: Start Your Own Scooter or Bikeshare Business! (RSG 181)

    2. How to Run a Profitable Scooter-Sharing Business (Webinar)

    3. How Local Micromobility Players Can Outmaneuver the Big Guys (Webinar)

    4. Ride: The Urban Mobility Podcast (featuring Joyride)

    1. Building a Website for your Wheels

    2. Using Social Media to Market Your Business

    3. Three Micromobility Business Launches We Loved

    4. Powering Your Next Move

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  • 21 lessons
  • 4 videos
  • 4 worksheets

Kickstart your business

Operating a micromobility business is good for the planet and your wallet. With 30% profit margins, your fleet can be profitable within three months of launch.

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