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All the resources you need, in one place

Capturing a piece of the multi-billion-dollar scooter-sharing market is within reach for any entrepreneur with the right resources. We've compiled everything you need to get moving!

Three tiers of learning

In the spirit of shared mobility, our Launch and Momentum courses remain open to all. Become a Joyride operator to get exclusive access to our Accelerate courses.

Learn at your own pace with our multimedia lessons. Your progress will be saved, so you can come back at any time.

  • Level One: Launch


    Kickstart your industry knowledge and business development.

  • Level Two: Momentum


    Tips, tricks and best practices to manage and grow your fleet.

  • Level Three: Accelerate


    Drive into the future of global micro transportation.

“I am really impressed. The launch course in particular would've been an amazing tool to have when we were getting going a few years ago. The way it is all set up is very engaging and enjoyable to surf. I found the articles with graphics really helpful and engaging.”

Ben Duffy - Zipp Mobility

“I so far love a lot of things about the academy, the company as a whole especially. The consideration you guys have for new entrepreneurs trying to break into the space is unbelievably, unbelievable. You solve so many problems and help new people like me trying to fulfill our dreams... having this academy to learn about micro mobility e-rentals is a huge stepping stone into helping me achieve that overall goal.”

Dimetri Q

“Tons of useful information , resources and graphs. ”

Akash K