Securing financing for your fleet is tough...

Especially in the early stages of growth. Non-dilutive lending is ideal, but entrepreneurs are often forced to prioritize speed, autonomy or equity. So what can operators do when traditional lending falls short?

  • Webinars & Interviews

    Learn from investors in the micromobility space.

  • Multimedia Lessons

    Short lessons with engaging images and infographics.

  • Scooter Share Cashflow

    Sample revenue and expenses of a publish scooter share.

What you'll learn:

In addition to a peek at a public scooter share cashflow, this course features videos with several industry experts who share their take on the current state of fleet financing.

    1. Financing 101K: Starting an E-scooter or Bike Sharing Business

    2. Equity, Debt or Leasing: Fleet Financing 101 with

    3. How to Raise Money in Micromobility (Webinar)

    4. Fundraising and the Power of the Ecosystem (Micromobility Europe 2023)

    5. Interview with a Micromobility Investor: Nadim Matuk of Liil Ventures

    1. How much does it cost to buy and maintain an electric scooter fleet?

    2. Purchasing an E-Scooter or Bicycle Fleet (on a budget)

    3. Fixed and Variable Costs in Micromobility

    4. Understanding the Expenses of Scooter and Bike Sharing

    5. Sample Ride Revenue and Costs for a Public Scooter Share

    6. How Much Money Can You Make From a Private Sharing Scooter Operation?

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Find your path to profit

There's more than one way to get started in micromobility; learn about traditional and emerging sources of startup capital.

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