Securing financing for your fleet is tough...

Especially in the early stages of growth. Non-dilutive lending is ideal, but entrepreneurs are often forced to prioritize speed, autonomy or equity. So what can operators do when traditional lending falls short?

  • Webinars & Interviews

    Learn from investors in the micromobility space.

  • Multimedia Lessons

    Short lessons with engaging images and infographics.

  • Scooter Share Cashflow

    Sample revenue and expenses of a publish scooter share.

What you'll learn:

In addition to a peek at a public scooter share cashflow, this course features videos with several industry experts who share their take on the current state of fleet financing.

    1. Costs and Cash Flow for Micromobility Startups

    2. Fixed and Variable Costs in Micromobility

    3. Understanding the Expenses of Scooter and Bike Sharing

    4. Sample Ride Revenue and Costs for a Public Scooter Share

    1. Webinar: How to Raise Money in Micromobility

    2. Interview with a Micromobility Investor: Nadim Matuk of Liil Ventures

    3. Equity, Debt or Leasing: Fleet Financing 101 with

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Find your path to profit

There's more than one way to get started in micromobility; learn about traditional and emerging sources of startup capital.

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