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Every shared mobility fleet is powered by an end-user mobile app and a backend management dashboard. In-house solutions are costly, but with the right hardware and software partners, it's never been easier to get started in micromobility.

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What you'll learn:

New to the industry? This course will give you an overview of the hardware options and technical must-haves to manage a fleet of shared lightweight electric vehicles.

    1. An Overview of Hardware for Fleets

    2. How much does it cost to buy and maintain an electric scooter fleet?

    3. Four Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Hardware

    4. Use Case Modality Match Up

    5. Which Vehicle is Best for your Urban Mobility Fleet?

    6. Three Tips to Boost Brand Recognition

    7. Electric Scooter & Bike Accessories: Small Upgrades to Add Interest and Utility

    1. What Kind of Software Do You Need?

    2. 5 Essential App Features for Vehicle Sharing

    3. Why Outsource Your Micromobility Software?

    1. Micro-Transit Connectivity Simplified

    2. Micromobility Telematics - IoT SIM Card Dictionary : With Monogoto

    3. Vehicle Telematics API Integration and Maintenance :with INVERS

    4. How Location Accuracy Improves Unit Economics in Shared Mobility: with COMODULE

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Determine which modes and models of vehicle best suit your operations and long term business growth.

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