Videos in this course:

  • How to distribute your hubs

    Take the guesswork out of hub deployment and set your operation up for success.

  • Improve labor cost efficiency

    In-field tips and tricks to assess and improve the efficiency of your workforce.

  • Which KPIs you should track

    Learn about dynamic deployment and how you can leverage AI tools to anticipate demand.

Bonus material

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  • In-Field Rebalance Checklist

    Downloadable PDF

    Tune ups, safety checks and preventative maintenance tasks to run through while rebalancing vehicles.

  • Test Your Learning

    3 quick quizzes

    Reinforce your learning with a fun quiz following each video.

Improve your service reliability and accessibility

A routine of fleet vehicle deployments facilitates trust in the system--boosting overall brand sentiment.

docking station with electric scooters