Videos in this course:

  • Financing 101K

    How to take your market from zero to thousands.

  • Fleet Smarts

    How to evolve your fleet hardware to gain market exclusivity.

  • Hardware Expert Panel

    Featuring Acton, Swobbee, BySpark and Element.

  • Data Driven Insurance

    Leveraging data into risk-reduced, affordable premiums.

  • Supercharging Revenue

    Scalable strategies to maximize engagement and profit.

  • Global Mobility Panel

    Featuring Aike, Bicelo, EFO Ventures and Bullride.

The Joyride Academy Experience

Couldn't make it to the Joyride Academy Experience at Micromobility Europe? We've got you covered with videos and key takeaways from the event.

    1. Meet Joyride - Highlights from Micromobility Europe 2022

    2. Why Small Operators Are Winning in Shared Micromobility - Fireside Chat with Joyride CEO

    1. Financing 101K - How to Take Your Fleet From 10 to 10,000

    2. Fleet Smarts: Evolving your Hardware to Gain Market Exclusivity + Hardware Expert Panel

    3. Data Driven Insurance: Leveraging Operational Data into Risk-Reduced Affordable Premiums

    4. Supercharging Revenue: Scalable Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement and Maximize Profit

    5. Global Mobility Panel Featuring: Aike, EFO Ventures, Bicelo and

  • 7 videos
  • 2+ hours of premium content

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