Private Shared Mobility Systems

Explore how integrating an electric vehicle sharing system can seamlessly complement a corporate sustainability strategy, foster community connectivity for building residents, or provide a premium amenity for hotel guests.

E-Bikes & E-scooters
E-Bikes & E-scooters
Low-Speed Vehicles
Low-Speed Vehicles
Golf Carts
Golf Carts

What you'll learn:

    1. Welcome to this Course

    2. B2B Micromobility: Unlocking New Opportunities for Fleet Owners

    3. Key Terminology for Private / B2B Micromobility

    1. The Business Case for Private Shared Mobility

    2. Case Study: Revelo Services Bike Fleets For Corporations, Commercial Spaces and Shopping Centers In Poland

    3. Case Study: Coast Provincetown Partners with Hotels to Offer E-Scooter Rentals in Provincetown, Massachusetts

    4. Make it Micro! 11 Innovative Electric Business Models

    1. Hardware Options for B2B Shared Mobility

    2. How to Draft a Commercial Partnership Agreement for Fleet Services

    3. A sidebar on Insurance

    4. How to Price Private Shared Mobility: 4 Common Revenue Models

    5. 9 Steps to Succeed in B2B Shared Mobility

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The private fleet management playbook

Micromobility and electric vehicle rentals are a convenient and and highly marketable amenity. Learn how you can tap into the booming shared mobility industry by providing B2B fleet services to property owners.

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Corporate campuses
  • Residential properties
  • Office Buildings
  • New urban developments

Start Learning

  • Hotels and Resorts

    E-scooter and bike rentals are a premium and highly marketable amenity.

  • Residential Properties

    Shared vehicle access fosters connected communities, and cuts down on parking space.

  • Office Buildings

    Private electric vehicle rentals are convenient for commuting and local errands.