Make your mark in micromobility

Customer outreach can be a pain, but it is also a creative and rewarding process that will inevitably boost your bottom line. This course will guide you from new scooter on the block to social media superstar.

  • Case study

    We created a fake micromobility company to demonstrate each learning outcome.

  • Industry examples

    The best and worst of industry ad campaigns, social media and email marketing

  • Multimedia lessons

    Short and informative lessons - enhanced with engaging images and infographics.

What you'll learn:

Reach your riders and keep them engaged with unmatched customer service, powerful automated marketing tools, campaigns with local businesses, and more!

    1. Micromobility Marketing 101

    2. Scooter and Bike Share Marketing

    3. Social Media Marketing

    4. Interactive Marketing

    5. Holiday and Event-Based Marketing

    6. Content Marketing

    7. Co-Marketing

    8. Measuring Marketing Success

    1. Customer Acquisition and Retention

    2. Social Listening Strategies

    3. Audit and Optimize Your Online Presence

    4. Using In-App Incentives to Build Brand Loyalty

    5. Business to Business Fleet Opportunities

    6. Strategic Partnerships to Generate Revenue

    7. Case Study: How Automation and Advertising Bring Huge Growth for This Multimodal Fleet

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  • 15 lessons
  • multimedia

Build your brand's marketing roadmap

Find a rhythm of content creation and community engagement your team can maintain.

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