Seize the seasonal opportunities

Winter cycling or scooting may be chilly, but it remains a very real (and important) option for citizens without access to private transportation options. So how do shared micromobility companies continue to operate through the off-season?

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    Short and informative lessons - enhanced with engaging images and infographics.

  • Operator Insights

    We investigated around the web to see how scooter and bike share operators take on winter.

  • Maintenance tips

    How to safely store batteries and maintain fleet health through a harsh winter.

    1. What do scooter and bike sharing companies do in the winter?

    2. Winter Data Case Study

    3. Are winter operations right for your business?

    4. Festive Fleet Opportunities

    1. Winter Battery Guide Infographic

    2. Part 1: Financial Forecast and Service Adjustments

    3. Part 2: Expectations and System Communications

    4. Part 3: Vehicle Maintenance, Battery Safety and Storage

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Festive fleet marketing strategies

Your fleet may be in storage for the winter, but with a little creativity, there’s oodles of opportunities for shared mobility services to join the holiday fun.

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