Videos in this course:

In this three-part video series, we’ll go over what business insurance looks like for the micromobility industry, why it’s important for new operators, and what the future holds for policy innovation.

  • Introduction to Business Insurance for Micromobility

    What kind of coverage do you need for a vehicle sharing service?

  • Costs, Risks and Rewards for Insuring your Fleet

    How much will it cost, and why is it so important anyway?

  • Big Data and The Future of Policy Innovation

    Is there hope for a future of properly risk-rated premiums?

Bonus material

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  • Micromobility Insurance Whitepaper

    Downloadable PDF

    Including frequently asked questions and mistakes to avoid.

  • Test Your Learning

    3 quick quizzes

    Reinforce your learning with a fun quiz following each video.

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